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Project Baby Blanket was born when a group of our students went to Senegal to help in a clinic and those of us who didn't get to go, sent some midwifery supplies and baby blankets along instead. The response was overwhelming and the blankets were by far the most popular items we sent. The women who were given the blankets were extremely appreciative, reminding us how much we take for granted. That sparked the idea of supporting our students who are actively involved in outreach all over the world with Project Baby Blanket. The donations continue to come in and we are able to serve many clinics and missions in this way. If your organization would like to apply as a recipient, please email projectbabyblanket@ancientarmidwifery.com and we will send you an application.

How To Donate

If you would like to send donations of baby clothes, cloth diapers or blankets, towels and basic sanitation needs like bars of soap, hotel size bottles of shampoo or sanitizers, please email projectbabyblanket@ancientartmidwifery.com for instructions.

We have found that it is usually more efficient for you to hang on to your contribution until we locate someone actually traveling to one of the recipient sites. We have two organizations in need of your donations at the present time.

PO BOX 41633
Phoenix AZ 85027

This organization was founded by Carol Denny, an AAMI graduate

2875 Addy-Gifford Rd
Gifford, WA 99131

This organization was founded by Dana Combest, an AAMI graduate and longtime faculty member


If you would like to be a Project Baby Blanket volunteer in your area you can do so in a number of ways. Several school groups, community organizations and clubs have made Project Baby Blanket one of their primary projects for the new year. Perhaps you can solicit donations from your local department stores or thrift shops. Ask the hotels in your area to donate towels and sample bottles of the items they place in their rooms.

Thank you so much for your help. Please check back often as we will post special needs and upcoming events.


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